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I attended East Tennessee State University. I live in New York City. My writing can be found on Amazon and Smashwords. I am wishful my work exhibits a proper dose of hyperbole. A sense of discovery, irony, and wryness and misadventures in wild metaphors, paradox, symbols, free associations, non-sequiturs, and an enduring sense of beauty and what we hold sacred.

I seek poetry that pries open the locked door, the stuck drawer or window.

I believe in the magic of language. How it believes in us more than we deserve. How language has the capacity to find some good inside us we would never know about without poetry. Some timeless truth that awakens we have in common. The purpose of writing a poem serving to bring us closer together. Share the deepest secrets about ourselves and allowing us to imagine all the things for which we yearn.

I seek to write poetry that discovers the world and our place in it. Reveals the most hidden things, invisible things which may be made obvious, if we can only see them by the light of a poem.

I have been widely published in The Laurel Review, The Lyric, Light: A Quarterly of Light Verse (Chicago), The NY Times, Reader's Digest and The Bedford Introduction to Literature, St Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer, as well as Poetry: An Introduction, St Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer, and Literature To Go, St Martins Press, edited by Michael Meyer. Also "Young Women's Monologs From Contemporary Plays," Editor Gerald Lee Ratliff, Publisher: Meriwether Books and Monologues for Men, edited by John Capecci and Irene Ziegler Aston.

In addition, I have contributed poetry to Light Year (Bits Press, Case Western Reserve University), The Pennsyvannia Review, The Alsop Review, The New Formalist, Voices International, South and West, Plains Poetry Journal, The Adirondack Review, The Poetry Kit, Octavo, Riding The Meridian, Conspire, Big Bridge, Kudzu, Swallow,The Poetry Podium, The Sow’s Ear, The Free Cuisenart, Quill & Parchment, Poetry Outta Buffalo, The Forest Hills Reader, The Queens Tribune, The Village Voice, Snakeskin, Sparks, Lynx: Poetry from Bath, and Mandrake Poetry Review.